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2020-01-30 11:53:16   •   ID: 2148

Along the Upper Rhone Valley: Mousterian from Perreux

Figure 1
These are three convergent scrapers (maximum length: 6 cm) from Perreux made from local flint. The first scraper was created by a Levallois apporoach, the second and third by a non-Levallois (most probably discoid) technique.

They are very similar to artifacts from the near La Champ Grand site and the Carriere Chaumette, already mentioned in this blog- see here 1455 , and here: 1649

The artifacts have strong have affinities to the "Charentien rhodanien", better known from the Middle Rhône Valley and its tributaries (Gard, Gardon, Ardèche), dated to MIS 4 and 3 and already described by earlier contributions in this Blog.

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