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About this Blog

Aggsbachs Paleolithic Blog is online since 2010 and follows the scientific progress in Paleolithic (and Neolithic) Prehistory.

The Posts are focused on lithic findings made between 1860 and 1950 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The cordiform Biface shown here was found in1923 by a friend of a relative from my family.

The Posts have a rather essayistic character or refer to specific themes of my own interest. They are updated from time to time. They should not be misunderstood as original work.

Should any person notice a copyright infringement in individual statements or passages of this Blog, we ask for notification. Such content will be deleted promptly.

You are welcome to use material in these posts so long as you cite the work.

You are also welcome to get in contact with a highly interested follower of scientific communications beyond a strictly university frame.

Constructive Comments are welcome: breul1956@email.de

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