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Middle Paleolithic from Croisilles in the Lower-Normandy

Figure 1
These are some massive Bifaces from Croisilles, les Fours à Chaux.

Croisilles is a small village situated 80 km South / West of Caen in the Region in the Lower-Normandy, Department of Calvados.

Two ensembles of worked flint have been found here. One ensemble is Neolithic and the other consists of Levallois and Discoidal Cores found together with dozens of massive Handaxes. Most material comes from surface collections.

The handaxes were made of low quality chert and display an “Acheulian” character. Anyhow, based on geomorphological considerations coming from several sondages, they are currently dated to late MIS 4/ early MIS 3.

They are very different from other Middle Paleolithic material in Region- further information-see 1262 .

The raw material, from Croisilles is from the local bajocien silex, while the qualitative better flint that was used at the nearby Espins Neolithic site, is completely absent. Maybe it was not exposed during the last glacial.

At Espins an important Neolithic flint mine was excavated during the last years and revealed to be an important raw material source for the early Neolithic in the west of France.