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Ambitious Attempt - but do you have really skills and competence ?

Figure 1
Figure 1 displays a Leaf point from Fourneau de Diable, broken with a missing triangular fragment. The original item, if it would have been finished, would have been about 12 cm long.

This middle Solutrean Leave Point seems to have been intentionally broken, showing a pattern of delibarate breakage. It does not show the stigmata related to projectile use, instead the point was not finalized and seems to have been destroyed by the knapper.

Jacques Pelegrin has recently pointed to a possible social context of this breakage pattern: He used experimental data for the definition of intentional violent breakage and compared the results with a set of 324 large Laurel-Leave point fragments from Laugerie haute. 31% of the set from Laugerie showed a "violent breakage" pattern.

Regarding the “exaggerated” diligence, that was used in the production of Solutrean Laurel-Leave points, Pelegrin argues, that the successful shaping of such wonderful implements may have helped the knapper to obtain a recognized status in his society.

Rather than finalizing a non-perfect, not- symmetrical point may have prompted the manufacturer to prefer the deliberate destruction of the artifact to avoid attracting unpleasant attention as a person with limited "savoir-faire".

Figure 2
Figure 2 shows "perfect" examples from Fourneau de Diable from D. Peyrony: Les gisements préhistoriques de Bourdeilles (Dordogne). Archives de l'Institut de Zaléontologie humaine, mémoire 10, Paris, Masson, 1932.

Suggested Reading: Jacques Pelegrin: Les grandes feuilles de laurier et autres objets particuliers du Solutréen : une valeur de signe. Le Solutréen.. 40 ans après Smith' 66 : actes du colloque de Preuilly-sur-Claise, 21 octobre-01 novembre 2007, Archea; FERACF, pp.143-164, 2013, Revue archéologique du Centre de la France 47.

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