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2018-03-22 21:01:01   •   ID: 1733

LBK Quartzite Blades during the Linear Pottery culture in Northern Hessen

These are some Quartzite Artifacts from Lenderscheid in Northern Hessen, produced during the early and middle Neolithic (Linearbandkeramik; LBK).

Although Northern Hesse was only marginally involved into the formation of the LBK, a dense settlement pattern is present from the older phases of Linear Pottery culture onwards.

The fine grained quartzite from Lenderscheid was used in larger quantities in nearby LBK-settlements such as Homberg-Wernsweg,Bad Zwesten-Niederurff and Immenhausen and Gudensberg-Maden. Of course, good quality flint is also always present at these sites in varying quantities.

At the Gudensberg-Maden site for example, flint from Rijckholt in the Maas region, about 400 km in the west of Gudensberg, was used to produce retouched blades found as funerary objects. No systematic studies about the Lenderscheid raw material exploitation, distribution and preference for quartzite at specific sites are available up to now.

Some blades at the Lenderscheid site show the technique of “fractures volontaires”. Here short blades are produced by intentionally percussion induced fractures from a longer blade.

During the Neolithic such short blade segments were important for the production of sickles. Non retouched blade segments could be immediately used in different hafting devices, known since the early Neolithic in the Near Est (see external link)

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