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A Pointe de Quinson from the Carrière Chaumette

Fig. 1
This is a Point de Quinson from the Carrière Chaumette see: 1649 , essentially a cordiform, 5 cm long scraper with scalar retouche on a dihedral thick flake.

The Carrière Chaumette is a "Quina oriental" ensemble in the Rhone Valley. By the way: similar items, including more typical Quinson Points, are known from the nearby Grand Champ site; see: 1455

First described by by H. de Lumley and B. Bottet (1960), the Quinson point is characterized by a triangular section, at least near the apex ("trihedral points").

Only one of the faces of is covered by retouches (Figure 1), while the other two are not retouched. These non-retouched faces (Figure 2) show a dihedral morphology, with the dihedron ridge along the symmetry axis (definition F. Bordes 1961, p. 43).

There are two types: triangular in shape, with more or less straight edges or leaf-shaped, the edges being convex. The example, shown in this post, displayes the triangular form.

Fig. 2
Such artifacts were made on thick dihedral or pentagonal flakes from an oportunistic, Quina or Dicoid chaine operatoire. Quinson points sensu strictu occur in several sites in Europe as well as in Asia; they mostly belong to assemblages related to the Lower Paleolithic or Early Middle Paleolithic and dating to the Middle Pleistocene. At La Baume Bonne the first points occure during MIS8.

Some of the most significant examples come from La Micoque, Terra Amata , Arago at Tautavel  in France, Visogliano and Venosa-Loreto  in Italy, Bilzingleben II, Schöningen and Neumark Nord  in Germany, Kudaro I  in Georgia, Evron and Tabun E  in Israel, and even Zhoukoudianin China.

However they also occur in the Upper Pleistocene of Central Europe (Kulna in Moravia), Western Europe, especially in the Charentian Mousterian or typical Mousterian of Southern France: Fontmaure, Comte , La Crouzade, l'Hortus , as well as in Spain at Cueva Morin and El Castillo  or in Italy in the Guattari cave

Fig. 3
Figure 3 displays a wonderful book from the Musée de préhistoire des Gorges du Verdon Quinson. The book is selectively written around the Point de Quison.

Most exceptional are about 150 color pictures about this special artifact, displayed really in high quality.

You get a lot for cheap money- so do not hesitate to buy it via the Museums Hompage!

Provenance: Collection P. Vabre / FR