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Two Handaxes from the Ridge Quarry / Romsey /Hampshire

Figure 1
There are abundant Palaeolithic findspots in Hampshire which are clustered in terraces of the Solent River and its tributaries, particularly the Avon and Test.

Most artefacts found in these river terraces have been recovered from quarries and most were reported prior to the 1930ies. Contextual informations are generally poor.

The Ridge-Quarry approximately two kilometres south-west of Romsey is dated to the " Hoxnian- Wollstonian" complex (MIS11-9; Bates et al. 2004). Hundred of handaxes, all collected since the 1990s, with very different morphologies are known from the site.

Interestingly one of the handaxes shown here, is a classic cordiform, not different from the much later Cordiform MTA handaxes of France (MIS 5–3).