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Handaxe from the Evreux I

Figure 1
This is a lanceolate Handaxe from Evreux I, found many decennia ago by a local collector without much stratigraphical control. There are several Paleolithic sites at Evreux (Site I-III; Eure; Normandy), many of them curated at the Municipal Museum.

Beside Handaxes of Acheulean typology (one is displayed here) several small middle Paleolithic complexes are also present: MTA and denticulated Mousterian, both with Levallois debitage. They may correspond to short occupations, probably during hunting or during the search for good quality raw material in the vicinity. At Evreux III a “Federmesser” encampement has been excavated.

According revisions of the last years, Acheulian sites, dating before MIS 7 are rare in the Normandy, due to geomorphological processes, that have disturbed much of the Middle Pleistocene record. Evreux I, the site described by F. Bordes is one of them