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2017-06-29 09:54:13   •   ID: 1619

Abri Pataud / Les Eyzies during the Gravettian: Three Uncommon Gravettian Artifacts

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Compared to the Pavlovien of Middle Europe, denticulated blades are rare during the Gravettian of S/W-France. At Pataud Stratum 4 and 5 they have been described in small numbers (max. 1,5% of all artifacts) (Figure 1).

In addition their appearance is not as standardized compared to the Pavlovian and Upper Magdalenian saws.  This may point to an "ad hoc" character of these tools.

The lower parts of stratum 4 at Pataud are characterized by a rather low number of scrapers and a high number of different burins. Burins on truncations are common, mostly of them are Noailles Burins. Gravette points and Microgravettes are present.

Figure 2 shows a lame  tronqué, which can easily suggested as a first preparation step in the production of burins on truncations including Noailles Burins.

Figure 3: the Gravettien moyen in S/W-France, marginal retouches on different classes of artifacts remain important as shown on curved blade with fine continuous retouches Ouchtata on the convex side and on the  contralateral side near the tip. This artifact could have been used as a subtle perforator.